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Performance recording is the cornerstone of Stabiliser® development

Estimated Breeding Values and Economic indexes identify the best genetics for profitable beef production.

Working with the Stabiliser Cattle Company, we performance record all the calves we produce each year.  This makes the Stabiliser the most thoroughly recorded beef breed in the UK.  The science behind breeding composites means farmers can have a simple system on farm but take advantage of the strengths of different breeds and the hybrid vigour that crossing brings.

Bulls are usually available after Semen Testing in Spring.  If you want to chat about buying some breeding stock, Bulls, or Heifers, please don’t hesitate to contact David on 07967338174.

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Corrimony Farm

Corrimony Farm is 25 miles west of Inverness, in the heart of Glenurquhart.  An upland farm, it is home to 140 Stabiliser breeding cows and 900 Lleyn Sheep.

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